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Fitness room Hotel Sexten / Moos


Regular exercise, even during bad weather, has an important role in maintaining health. Sports activities have an especially positive impact on your body’s systems: breathing, heart, circulation, immune system, muscles, kidneys, bones, digestive system, brain, and metabolism.
A lot of energetic activity also promotes psychological wellbeing and mental balance, prevents weight gain, reduces the risk of degenerative physical disease, and helps support your body’s functionality at all ages and every phase of life.
Undertaking regular sporting activity can therefore improve general wellbeing, helping you to deal with everyday stress and leading to better balance in your daily life. Additionally, the body produces happiness hormones (endorphins), which have a direct, positive effect on the psyche.

At the Biovita Alpi Hotel in the Sexten Dolomites you will find a fitness room furnished to a high standard with the latest machines from the top-quality fitness brand Nautilus – all dedicated to your physical fitness while on holiday.

We prioritise continual maintenance and service checks for all the equipment in our fitness room, so we can guarantee top-quality, well-functioning training devices for indoor sporting activity during your stay. The fitness room is open to you free of charge all day. Its equipment includes a multi-trainer / strength station, an ergometer, a treadmill, a stepper, a recumbent bicycle, as well as precise instructions on how to use the equipment safely.

Take a look at our fitness centre / fitness room with our 360-degree tour. Fitness room with new equipment manufactured by Nautilus freely available to guests:

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