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Hotel Biovita – Your holiday in the Sexten Dolomites


A special LOCATION in Sexten

The Biovita Hotel Alpi is surrounded by beautiful, unspoilt countryside amid a unique mountain landscape in the heart of the Dolomites.
The location, the view, the tranquillity, and the fresh, clear air revive mind and spirit.
The Biovita Hotel Alpi is located in the district of Moos on a rocky platform that block terrestrial radiation and do not contain water veins – guaranteeing you a restful night’s sleep.

Special FOOD & DRINK

We are committed to using food and other organic products supplied by our local farmers.
Our special organic corner at our breakfast buffet ensures a healthy start to your day.
An organic menu is available every day, with dishes based on traditional recipes.
“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is our motto – we make sure a wide range of good quality fruit and vegetables is carefully prepared in our kitchen.

Naturally, we use almost exclusively organic products in our hotel. These are not specially labelled – our business philosophy is based on your wellbeing and not on advertising.

In the Biovita Hotel Alpi, guests are exclusively served original, pure spring water – at meals and in the rooms.
A wide range of non-alcoholic (juices, water, ...) and alcoholic (beer, wine, spirits, …) drinks containing no preservatives or colouring agents are available for your refreshment day and night.
We prioritise natural products, so the quality of flavour of our food and drink is guaranteed.


Our organic and ergonomic mattresses and pillows ensure you have a restful night’s sleep.
Our homeopathic products from our own little house apothecary can help soothe any little aches and pains.
Organic soap is supplied in the rooms to protect both your skin and nature.

Special essential oils in the Finnish sauna and in the steam bath give you an additional warm feeling of rest and revival.
Stretch out in the island of tranquillity that is our panorama garden, far from daily traffic, and enjoy the clear air and gorgeous view in complete peace and quiet.

You are sure to spend a few cosy moments in our rustic piano bar.
Our infrared cabin is an everyday therapy for body, mind, and spirit. Deep warmth at relatively low temperatures of only around 33 – 43° C in the infrared cabin provides relaxation for everyone, including heat-sensitive individuals, meaning you can build up a sweat without putting too great a strain on your body through heat or steam.

The secret of this heat cabin is the beneficial heat radiation, which, instead of reaching the body via a circuitous route via heated air in the room, is transported directly to the skin directly from the radiation source and, among other things, encourages the body to higher levels of sweat production. As a result, many toxins are washed out, both you and your skin are revived.

The panorama swimming pool – our pride and joy:

…because of the superb panoramic view
...because cleaning and disinfection of the pool does not use dangerous and skin-irritant chlorine, but is based exclusively on the use of sea salt, which, in addition to its outstanding hygienic properties, also has proven positive health benefits for the skin, mouth, and throat area.
A hydro-flow system and a waterjet bench provide additional reviving benefits.


Experience the atmosphere of times past in our original Tirolean Parlour – anno 1846.
Discover and experience breath-taking countryside and the panorama of the Dolomites – not just in our house cinema, where we screen films and documentaries about the region, but also by getting outdoors and experiencing it directly.

You can also take the opportunity to participate in our guided walks.
It is often difficult to spend time together socialising. At Biovita Hotel Alpi we help you rediscover that sense togetherness and family feeling anew by providing a wide range of group games of all kinds: ping pong, table football, darts, board and card games.

Special KNEIPP treatment

It is not enough to say: “I’ll look after my health when I get sick”. Much better to make sure illnesses do not develop in the first place, for example, by applying the five principles of Sebastian Kneipp: water, movement, healing plants, diet, and orderliness.

wasser An excellent remedy for the healthy person to maintain their health and strength, and at the same time the first remedy in sickness; it is the most natural, simplest, and – if applied correctly – the surest remedy. Water is my best friend and will remain so, until I die.
pflanzen With every step we take in the magnificence of God’s nature we encounter new plants that are highly useful and therapeutic to us.
bewegung Movement increases enjoyment in life and helps the individual by strengthening their body.

Kneipp treatment is beneficial for:

Circulatory disorders, metabolic diseases, cardiovascular problems, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, for complaints of the spine and joints.
The Kneipp method also supports the immune and vascular systems, and helps build the body’s resilience. It is a simple way to deal with everyday stress. Regular walking exercise produces clear successes.


A balanced programme of mountain hiking, climbing tours, biking routes in the summer
and snowshoe hikes, cross-country skiing, and downhill skiing in the winter
Our Nordic Walking instructor will be happy to guide you, whether you are a practised enthusiast or just getting acquainted with this endurance sport.
And when the weather is bad, our in-house fitness studio with its up-to-date equipment means you won’t get out of condition.
Our ski instructors in winter and our hiking guides in summer will be happy to guide and advise you at all times.

See for yourself – take a look at the feedback from previous guests at the Biovita Alpi Hotel Sexten Moos.