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Peak experience ski tour in South Tyrol


Ski touring – a real peak experience in Sexten

Ski touring – a real experience in the Sexten Dolomites Ski tours have been gaining enthusiasts every year for some time. In Sexten and the Hochpustertal there are a number of attractive ski tours. Conquer the snowy Sexten mountain peaks step by step up the lonely slopes and receive your reward at the top with the special highlight of the downhill descent through the untouched, fresh powder snow. Away from hectic and noise, enjoy untouched natural landscapes in the Dolomites, fascinating mountain scenery, and the absolute silence of the forests and meadows of Sexten. Perhaps you will even encounter a deer or a wild hare ...

The Biovita Hotel Alpi in Sexten Moos is the ideal starting point for your ski tours. O straight from the hotel or use the public transport network close by and drive off from the hotel. We recommend you inform yourself about the current weather conditions, snow conditions, and avalanche warnings before you start your day, and that you take an avalanche transceiver with you.

Biovita tips for ski tours in Sexten

Ski tour up the Hornischegg:

The ski tour up the Hornischegg is south-facing, above Sexten, with a fascinating view of the Sexten Dolomites. From Moos, take trail no. 13 past Höfen "Palmstatt", take a right by the ski piste and the Helmhang Hut and continue to Negerdorf. From Negerdorf the route begins flat, but then goes up steeply to the Klammbachalm.
From there, you will go north across open country, and the path will get steeper over the mountain ridge to the saddle. At this point you can cross the wide ridge easily to reach the peak. You will descend in loose powder snow to the Klammbachalm and then onward over the meadow or the Nemesweg directly to the Biovita Hotel Alpi.

Elevation: approx. 1200 m
Ascent time: approx. 4 - 5 hours
Difficulty: medium

Ski tour to the Sextnerstein:

This ski tour to the Sextnerstein has a breath-taking view of the snowy Drei Zinnen. This medium-hard tour starts in Fischleintal, and takes the cross-country loipe to the Talschluss Hut before going in a south-westerly direction across the Altensteintal up to the Bödenalpe.
Continuing on, ascend the medium-steep slope up to the tor of the Toblinger Knoten and the Sextnerstein. The ascent to the peak takes you up the north ridge. The view of the Paternkofel and the Drei Zinnen is magnificent. Descend taking the same route you used on the ascent.

Elevation: approx. 1000 m
Ascent time: approx. 5 - 6 hours
Difficulty: medium

Ski tour to the Oberbachernspitze:

Beautiful but challenging ski tour in the heart of the Sexten Dolomites. The tour begins at the Fischleinboden Hut in Fischleintal. From there, the route goes via the cross-country loipe to the Talschluss Hut. Take a left on the south-side, onward across the Bacherntal, and at the foot of the Hohen Leist keep right until you are above the Zsigmondy Hut before continuing in a north-westerly direction up to the south-facing summit slope. The descent takes the same route as the ascent. In good snow conditions, you can go straight down the summit slope.

Elevation: approx. 1250 m
Ascent time: approx. 5 - 6 hours
Difficulty: challenging

Ski tour to the Hochbrunner Schneide:

The Hochbrunner Schneide is the highest ski summit in the region of the Sexten Dolomite ski tours. This ski tour is very challenging, but it is one of the most beautiful ski tours in Hochpustertal.
This tour also starts from the Fischleinboden Hut, continuing up the cross-country loipe to the Talschluss Hut, then via Bacherntal and following the valley to the left at the foot of the Hohen Leist. Go through the gulley and then up a steep slope to the left until the “Innere Loch“.
From here, turn to the east and clamber over the ground in the left corner of the valley’s bowl up to the gap between Zsigmondykopf and Hochbrunner Schneid.
Just below the gap (at approx. 2800 m) turn off to the right and ascend via the very steep slope to a small ridge.
There is usually a ski depot here. You can also strap your skis to your rucksack and, after the short gulley, continue the remaining 30 mins to the summit on the right on your skis. The descent is then via the same route as the ascent.

Elevation: approx. 1600 m
Ascent time: approx. 6 - 7 hours
Difficulty: very challenging

Ski-tour in the Dolomites
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