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Your holidays in the Dolomites of Southtyrol


Special LOCATION of the Biovita Hotel Alpi:

  • The Biovita Hotel Alpi is surrounded by a marvelously uncontaminated landscape and nature and set amidst mountain scenery unique in all the world: the Sesto Dolomiti Alps.
  • The location, the view, the peace and quiet, and the fresh, pure air promote the relaxation of spirit and body alike.
  • The hotel is located on a flat rocky summit, that seals off the radiation from the terrain and does not contain any underground water, and this helps guarantee deep sleep.


Special FOOD AND DRINK at the Biovita Hotel Alpi:

  • We give extra attention to the use of foods and organically raised products purchased from local farmers.
  • Our breakfast buffet’s special health food corner gives a healthy start to your invigorating day.
  • Make your choices every day from the various health food menus based on healthy and heartytraditional recipes.
  • Inspired by the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away“, we make careful choice of our fruits and vegetables and how we serve them.
  • At our hotel, we obviously use organically-grown products almost exclusively without any special brands because we believe more in your wellbeing than advertising.
  • Guests at the Biovita Hotel Alpi are offered only pure and natural spring water at the table and in their rooms.
  • A rich selection of non-alcoholic (juices, mineral water…) and alcoholic (beer, wine, grappa …) drinks – without preservatives or colorants – help keep your fluid levels high night and day.
  • Faithful to our motto “Natural products first!”, we take every measure necessary to ensure that our food and drink always maintain all their quality and taste intact.


Special SLEEPING, RELAXING & ENJOYING at the Biovita Hotel Alpi:

  • Our mattresses and natural and ergonomic pillows ensure restorative sleep.
  • Curative massage with natural products promote both relaxation and the tapping of fresh energy.
  • In case of slight disorders, you can use homeopathic remedies from our in-house pharmacy.
  • The natural soaps in each room give care to your skin and protect the ecosystem.
  • Special essential oils in our Finnish sauna and Turkish bath give you a deliciously warm sensation of relaxation.
  • Far from the traffic below, relax on islands of peace and quiet in the hotel garden, breathing in the pure air and taking in the amazing view in complete serenity.
  • Our rustic piano bar offers the ideal setting for an idle hour.
  • Our infrared booths offer a daily cure of the body, mind, and soul. Deep heat at relatively low temperatures of around 33- 43° C inside helps heat-sensitive people relax and stimulates healthy perspiration without subjecting the body to stress (heat/steam). The secret of this particular infrared booth is the beneficial radiant warmth that does not penetrate the body through the long and wasteful route of ambient air but goes directly to the skin from the source, in this way also stimulating the body to greater perspiration that carries away toxins to purify both the skin and the rest of the person as well.

We’re very proud of our indoor swimming pool with panoramic view:

  • A simply marvelous view;
  • Sea salt purification (no chlorine that irritates skin and eyes) guarantees perfect disinfection while also offering documented positive effects on the skin and neck-throat;
  • Counter-current flows and hydromassage bench complete your relaxation.

Special DISCOVERING & EXPERIMENTING at the Biovita Hotel Alpi:

  • Our original Tyrol stube – built in 1846 – brings back the atmosphere of long ago.
  • After watching films and documentaries of the unique landscape and breathtaking mountain scenery that only the Dolomites can offer at the hotel cinema, step outside and see for yourself.
  • You can also go on our guided tours with the hotel shuttle bus.
  • Normal routine doesn’t always offer chance for social life. At Biovita Hotel Alpi, a rich selection of parlor games of every kind, ping-pong, billiards, darts, board games, and cards help rediscover sense of community and family.


Special KNEIPP CURE at the Biovita Hotel Alpi:

  • Don’t start thinking about health until you get sick” is hardly popular wisdom. Far better to prevent disorder and imbalance in advance. The five active principles established by Sebastian Kneipp are one good way to start: water, movement, medicinal herbs, nutrition and regular lifestyle.

The Kneipp Cure is particularly advised for:

  • metabolic disorders, cardiac and circulatory problems, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and problems with the spinal column and joints …
  • the Kneipp Cure also reinforces the immune and vascular systems and helps the body strengthen – The stress of daily life is easily eliminated and good results can be obtained by walking regularly …


Special SPORTS & ACTIVITIES at the Biovita Hotel Alpi:

  • A balanced proposal of hikes, a climb or two, and mountain bike trips in summer
  • Excursions with snowshoes, cross country skiing, and ski touring al await you in winter at the Biovita Hotel Alpi.
  • Our Nordic Walking instructor swill be at your side while you begin or perfect your style in this remarkable endurance sport.
  • The fitness room inside the hotel with the latest equipment presented at the 2009 Fitness Show will help you keep in shape even when the weather is rough outside.
  • Our Ski teacher (winter) and our Mountain Guide (summer) are at your disposal to provide assistance with words and deeds.


Special BIOLOGICAL HEATING at the Biovita Hotel Alpi:

  • All our rooms and hot water are obviously managed and heated by biological systems – we’ve been investing for years in pellet systems and solar energy. In addition to offering modern comfort, this helps us protect our precious natural environment.


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