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Kneipp Parcours Sexten / Sesto

In the summer, we recommend our Kneipp course: start thinking about health before you get sick! Kneipp is one good way to start right now.

Don?t start thinking about health until you get sick is hardly popular wisdom. Far better to prevent disorder and imbalance in advance. The five active principles established by Sebastian Kneipp are one good way to start: water, movement, medicinal herbs, nutrition and regular lifestyle.

Kneipp therapy helps:

  • circulatory disorders, metabolic disorders, heart and circulatory problems, hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, ailments of the spine and joints, etc.
  • Furthermore, Kneipp therapy strengthens the immune and cardiovascular system and helps the body to become stronger, allowing you to successfully overcome everyday stress with regular walks …

Kneipp Parcour

Our Kneipp circuit works with the principles of the movement, the use of different materials and medicinal plants, and with the effect of stilts path in the fresh spring water.

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Kneipp Parcour at your Biovita Alpi Hotel Sexten / Sesto
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