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Biovita Hotel Alpi *** - Family Watschinger

in the Dolomites of Sesto / Sexten

Request information or offer for overnight stay and contact with the Biovita Hotel Alpi Sesto Moso. You are Welcome at the Dolomites / Dolomiti of Sesto Sexten:

Biovita Hotel Alpi

Biovita Hotel Dolomiten S.r.l.
Via Alpe Nemes 5 - 39030 Sesto / Moso (BZ)
Alta Pusteria / Dolomites / South Tyrol / Italy

Phone: +39 0474 710 378
Fax: +39 0474 710009
VAT: IT02380820213

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Biovita Hotel Alpi ***

Savour your holiday at the Biovita Hotel Alpi! Whether you stay in a hotel room or holiday apartment in Sexten / Sesto. 

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Contact information
Tel. +39 0474 710 378
Fax +39 0474 710 009
Biovita Hotel Alpi *** Family Watschinger  
Via Alpe Nemes Str. 5, 39030 Sesto/Moso (BZ)
Alta Pusteria / Dolomites / South Tyrol / Italy